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Your scenario will be unique, as is each of the following*. IWM worked with each client to ensure their needs were met, and we will do the same for you. Even if you don't identify with one of these stories, you can be assured that our approach is unique and customized for you.

The Retiree’s

John and Mary worked hard for 42 years, lived below thier means, and were diligent savers. As they transitioned to retirement, Jim and Mary realized they needed help managing their nest egg. They were also unsure if they had accumulated enough savings to maintain their lifestyle, and where their retirement income would come from. Read more...

The Executive

Richard is a senior executive at a Fortune 50 company that has provided him with outstanding benefits. As a busy executive, Richard realized it was best to delegate the management of his wealth to a small team of trusted advisors. He came to IWM seeking an advisor that could take the lead and coordinate his advice. Read more...

Single and Mature

Ruth had been on her own for nearly 15 years after being widowed. Her investments were entrusted to a large brokerage firm, where she had recently been assigned a young new advisor. Ruth was uncertain as to how her advisor was being compensated, and if the advice she was receiving was appropriate for her. Read more...

The Business Owner

Jim and Tarah were successful small business owners. However, the majority of their net worth was tied up in the business. They wanted to retire which meant they were going to have to sell the business. Jim and Tarah needed help selling their business, managing their assets, and planning the next stage of their lives. Read more...

*Note: The client scenarios listed here represent composites of many clients we have worked with over the years. Your success will depend upon many factors and the results listed are for illustration purposes only.

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